Ma-fi-a noun, Italian 1. Any small powerful or influential group in an organisation or field; clique. 2. A tightly knit group of trusted associates.

Event Mafia; your boutique event management and design agency in Sydney


Our name speaks volumes about how we operate. As a tightly knit group of creatives we have banded together to form a mafia that produces results above and beyond the sum of its parts. There are no half measures with us, a fact that sets us apart from other event management companies in Sydney and nationally.

Our services encompass a wide range of occasions. From Product Launches and Gala Dinners, through to group Incentives and Rewards - our experimentation knows no bounds. Furthermore we can also work hand in hand on designing your big day as a professional wedding stylist and consultant. To execute your dream from concept to completion.

To learn more about our party & event planners, or to talk about your specific social requirements, please feel free to get in touch!